Zeta Gundam the Movie 01 – Heirs to the Stars

I never liked Zeta Gundamor Any UC gundam for that matter. My cousin knows for a fact that Im all about Gundam Seed and completely stubborn about trying out UC stuff. I cant help it, its just all too old to me. If you were to force me to watch something really old with bad graphics, like Transformersor Dragon BallI probably wont last an episode. But for some reason, I wanted to watch the Zeta Gundam movie.

Maybe it was the fact that it was very well appreciated in Japan, or maybe the fact that the graphics were redone, or Maybe it was cause my cousin got me into the theme song sang by Gackt. Gackt seems gay to me but the song was awesome. I mean I look up Gackt on Youtube and I get Gackt being spankedpre-tty gay. Without even thinking, I downloaded the movie and watched it when I got home yesterday. I must say, its pretty good.

According to my cousin, 30% of the first movie was redone. Damn, they chose good parts to redo. Like they redid all the scenes where you see the colonies in space and the fight scenes. You can easily tell which scenes were from the 80s and which ones are 2005.

Most of the time youll be watching graphics from the 80s, and then suddenly you get scenes with upgraded graphics. You can literally see the change in graphics these past 20 years. The fight scenes in the end were great and they did a really good job in the scene where Amuro crashes his plain into an enemy MS. The graphics on the glass breaking was justwow. Cant wait to watch movie 02. Dammit though, watching this makes me feel like a hypocrite all those times I argued with my cousin about Zeta vs Seed. Oh wells, Gundam Seed all the way!

Speaking of Gundam Seed, because I was so used to the voices in Gundam Seed/Destiny, whenever I heard Char speak (or Quattro Vagina) I thought ofDullindal from Destiny. Thats probably because they both have the same voice actor Char lost to Kira!

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