Top 3 Over The Top Anime To Watch

Before I begin my post, I want to tell you that you can now watch attack on titan season 2 online. The season is 12 episodes long :-/ and I am very hyped about it…

There are many different genres of anime to keep your eyes into, but one of the late favorites is the over-the-top action one. Action scenes that take up a whole episode, catastrophic events provoked by mere humans, and even suits that give you incredible abilities, over-the-top anime are…well…over the top. If you are interested in this kind of anime shows, let me talk to you about the top three anime of the genre to watch.

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1) One Punch Man

Okay, so, “One Punch Man” is many things at once. A comedy, an action show, the story of a man who after training every day for three whole years became…the stronger superhero that humanity has ever seen. Getting into the plot of “One Punch Man” you’ll start appreciating it for the goofy way it actually introduces (and satirizes) all other anime action shows out there.

The main protagonist is a simple man that has gotten his power through the sheer power of will, something that it’s kinda how every anime action show starts. Then, each action scene ends with the main protagonist defeating the enemy, kinda like how this anime show progresses. However, “One Punch Man” becomes really creative when it starts giving you a good idea of the protagonist’s true power, which is so strong that he only has to give one punch to each enemy to beat them.

Trust me on this; “One Punch Man” will leave you wanting for more after every action scene.


2) Kill la Kill

This show is over-the-top alright, but for many different reasons. The battle scenes are exceptional, some of the best the industry has produced, the characters are hilarious even if they never dig too deep into their backstories, and at last, what might be a deal-breaker for you, the ecchi elements are as well over-the-top. The show talks about the story of a girl that through exceptional circumstances, comes across a suit that gives her special abilities.

It’s funny, it keeps you enthralled throughout its run, and in the end, even though you are not sure how exactly it happened, you end up rooting for both sides because they both are indisputably amazing.


3) Mob Psycho 100

This show comes from the same studio that created “One Punch Man”, however it managed to stand on its own. “Mob Psycho 100” is the story of the most powerful telepathic boy in the world, only that the boy…doesn’t quite know it. Now, things are getting a bit complicated with the story. The boy knows of his powers and has a certain degree of control over them, but when put under tremendous psychological stress, he loses consciousness and becomes a terrifying “monster” with immense powers.

What got me interested in this anime at first was its art style, but after a couple episodes in, I started caring for the young protagonist who was at loss for words and his complex comprehension of feelings. It was one of my favorite anime last year, and the fact that it can turn from zero to one hundred in a matter of seconds makes it one of the top over-the-top anime shows you can watch.

These are the top three over-the-top anime shows. Even though sometimes more is less, this does not seem to happen with these anime shows. They are sure to make you have a great time. Have you seen any of the shows on the list? If so, let us know your opinion in the comments below.