The Ditzy Teacher Filler

Alritee, now that both Air Gear and Soul Link are out, first up is Air Gear. This whole ep is about Ikkis ditzy homeroom teacher (the one that always seems horny but in reality, is actually afraid that all guys are trying to rape her -_-;;). From what I believe, this is nothing but a filler. Even though a lot of the scenes were really corny, it wasnt That bad. I meanI liked the flashback of her past. But thats it. Everything else was retarded. O yea, and Buccha lost his girl, who used to be Onigiris girl. He lost her to someone that was actually fatter than hima sumo wrestler. lol I guess all losers join Ikkis team.

We finally got to see Demonbane in action and the grandmaster of the Black Lodge, Master Therion. The graphics were pretty good but compared to nowaday standards (Sousei no Aquarion, Zegapain), its nothing new. I hate its special attack though (or should I say dance). Its a friggin jump-kick. Thats just like Gunbusters special attack. Blah I hope it has nicer ones.

As of right now, I think I got an idea as to why so many people like this show. Superpowers. Giant Robots. And little girls. What more could you ask for? An Otakus dream anime. This anime is nothing more than Fate/Stay Night except you have little girls as your Servants. And when your losing, you call down your Megazord!! Ill continue to watch it in case the story suddenly gets better (like Soul Link lol). Also cause the robo isnt green!

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