Her parents finally Revealed!

Ive seen a lot of pics of the main girl from this anime but never knew what it was other than the fact that it was from a game. But finally, the anime is out! So far, it seems a lot better than the first episode of Zegapain (which I quit cause the mech was green).

We have the main dude, Kuro Daijuhji, who was given an assignment, and while on the job, the main girl, Al Azif, falls from the sky and lands on his face. Then to avoid getting killed, they made a contract. Obviously, the contract is a kiss. The contract is always a kiss! (then againwhat other ways can you make a quick contract?) Then Kuro changes into some godlike new form and easily blasts away the Black Lodge (the bad guys). But then they come back with some huge machine and it just so happens that Al can also summon a huge mech, a Deus Machina in this case, so she summons one called Demonbane. End of ep. That was hot. At least we got to see the mech before it ended and at least it isnt green! (like Zegapain) It reminds me a lot like Shin Getter Robo with the whole big shoulders and eyeballs. I look forward to the next episode.

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