Gundam Seed the Movie Confirmed!!!

-Based on people who attended the Anime Fes, Shinn Asuka, Cagalli Yula Atha, Lacus Clyne, Athrun Zara, and Kira Yamato were featured with narration their path takes us.. to a screen officially announcing the theatrical production. TM Revolution apparently topped off the event by saying See ya at the movies to the crowd.

-Sunrise confirms the movie, stating this will be the first completely original Gundam feature film since Gundam F91 came out 15 years ago. Mitsuo Fukuda will be the director.

Omg I think Im going to faint~ Gundam Seed the Movie!!! This is friggin awesome!!! This might be the ending all the fans have been waiting for! Supposebly, the 4 specials currently showing are going to set the stage for the movie. As a huge fan of Gundam Seed, all I can say isI cant wait.

Nami Tamakis newest music video for Result is finally out! The song itself is great but the music video wasnt as great. Then again, it was pretty good compared to most Japanese music videos. Ever saw the music video for Ichirin no Hana by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR? terribleor how about the MV for D-tecnolife by Uverworld? just as bad. But dont get me wrong, the songs were great. But the videos ruined it for me. For those of you who dont know, Result is going to be the ending song for Gundam Seed Destiny Special Edition 1.

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