“Attack On Titan Season 2” Episode 2 Review: Sasha In The Spotlight

Continuing our revisiting of the second season’s episodes, episode two titled “I’m Home” aired April 8. Once again, we’re going to talk about the plot, the character development, as well as our expectations for the upcoming episodes. If you still haven’t been able to watch the last episode, it’s best advised to do it before continuing reading this review. And while doing so, you can also read our review of the first episode here.

Either way, you have been warned about the existence of major spoilers ahead.

As always, let’s start with a short recap of the episode.

After what it seems like a breach of the Wall Rose in the south, the recruits together with the soldiers stationed to the south set out to different directions to warn the scattered villages. For the duration of the episode, all the main characters of the show are dealing with this new crisis.


We see commander Pyxis receiving news of the new breach, while in Stohess, the deployment of the Scout Regiment is swift. At the same time, the mystery of the Wall Titans deepens even more. Armin is trying his best to understand what is going on with the existence of Titans inside the walls and Pastor Nick is being dragged together with the Scout Regiment to witness firsthand the evacuation of Wall Rose in an attempt to appeal to his humanity and change his opinion.

However, throughout the main part of the show, Sasha takes the spotlight. In the first minutes of the episode, we see her having trouble accepting that immigrants from Wall Maria have taken refuge in Wall Rose. The resources are low and they are getting lower every year, so we see Sasha arguing with someone who seems to be a close relative of hers about the lack of food and sufficient game for everyone.

Late in the episode, though, Sasha arrives at an evacuated village where she founds a woman unable to walk and her child, frozen from fear, watching as her mother is being eaten alive. Sasha apologizes from the woman and saves the girl. The, she asks her to run as far away as possible from the village. The girl, even though young, understands the futility of the situation since the villagers all but abandoned her and her mother who is unable to walk and is doing nothing to survive.

After a short fight scene and another flashback of Sasha’s past, we see her staying behind in an attempt to give a realistic chance to the young girl to get away. However, Sasha knows that the only way to do that is to take out both the Titan’s eyes. In the end of the episode, she succeeds while also being reunited with her father, the man we see her talking to in the start of the episode. In the last minutes of the episode, we see Conny arriving at his village and seeing the devastation that the Titans have caused. Not knowing if there are any survivors, he screams “I’m Home” but no one replies to him.

That was pretty much episode two. Now, to move ahead with the review, I have to point out the significance of establishing a substantial background story for the remaining characters of the series. Even though we already know that season two of the show will have a shorter run than the first, the first two episodes have been dealing with the backlash of the last episode of the previous season and the management of the breach of Wall Rose.

Even though I do understand the need for the establishment of Sasha as a main character of the show, something that I’m not totally against at, I continue thinking that the series have started with two weak episodes as opposed to the two first episodes of season one. Maybe the expectations had been set rather high for one of the most popular and anticipated shows of the last years, but even for me, someone who binge-watched season one last summer and didn’t have to go through the four-year waiting for season two, I think that episode one and two have been underwhelming.

However, that doesn’t mean that they were bad episodes. They both had their share of difficult, gory scenes the show is known for, and they both gave us a glimpse at the imminent revelations regarding the Wall Titans. Either way, there was less to no plot development, and even though character development was mostly in the upfront since the series returned a couple weeks ago, I hope long time fans get their share of exciting episodes in the upcoming weeks.

What do you think about the second episode? Did you like it? Were you expecting more action scenes and fights against Titans or does this slow, character-oriented pace better suits you? Let me know in the comments section below.

Episode three is already out and we’ll be reviewing it before the release of episode four later this week. Until then, happy anime watching!