“Attack On Titan Season 2” Episode 1 Review: Good But Not Good Enough

Most of the Spring anime shows are out and with them came one of the most highly anticipated series of the year. Attack On Titan is back for its second season, four years after the release of the first season of the anime adaptation. Even though I was probably one of the lucky few that only finished the first season during the summer last year, I was no less enthused when I found out that season two was coming back Spring 2017.

And with the first episode out, I must say that things weren’t as good as I would like them to be.

For once, let’s do a short recap of the show. If you still haven’t watched the show, then you are about to walk into spoiler territory from now on. Consider yourself warned.

Episode 26, titled “Beast Titan”, picks up exactly where season one left us four years ago. After Eren and Annie’s fight, we find out that there are inanimate Titans inside the walls. Some events transpire and the mystery about the Titans in the walls thickens as we learn that there are people that knew about them and never talked about it.

Next, we follow the story of other characters of the show who up to this point had a more supporting role. It’s then that we realize that Wall Rose has been breached and the human forces once again have to be mobilized to try and save humanity from being overcome once again. Miche Zacharius takes his spotlight in the story by sacrificing himself to save the rest of the people in the town and to give them a chance at informing the surrounding villages of the Titan threat.

During his battle to keep the Titans back, Miche, an experienced Scout Regiment agent, manages to kill most of the Titans until the appearance of an Abnormal Titan like anyone he had ever seen. Even though Miche was ready to fall back, the Abnormal Titan cuts his exit and then gets closer to him. Wounded by a Titan attack, the man is ready to fight again until the Beast Titan starts talking to him

After grabbing a piece of his equipment, the Beast Titan orders the remaining Titans to attack Miche, who dies screaming in fear.

End of the short recap then. Now, let’s discuss the most important parts of episode one of season two.

Firstly, we find out more about the mystery of the Wall Titans. Even while dealing with the outcome of the Annie-Eren battle, we see that there are people among the remaining human population that knew of the existence of Titans inside the walls. However, even after pressure from the soldiers, we never find out more that these Titans mustn’t be exposed to the daylight.

If you remember, we had come to the same realization during season one after the episodes with the experiments the soldiers of the Scout Regiment were doing to the Titans. However, what is more intriguing is the existence of hidden knowledge regarding the Titans even among the people of the human population. For all we know, this might help them in ways that could change the tide of the battle between Titans and Humans in the future.

Second, and most important, we get introduced to the intelligent Beast Titan. Up to now, we were under the impression that Titans are only driven by their hunger for humans and nothing more. However, for the first time in the series, we meet an intelligent Titan that seems to want to study humans and their behavior rather than blindly eat them.

Both events seem to try to build the tense for the rest of the season. The pastor that keeps secrets about the Titans inside the walls even at the expense of his own life and Titans that can talk can make for an exciting new season, however, after four years in the waiting, I think that the first episode was a bit underwhelming. I understand that the story has to continue in a certain way and the pacing can’t change that easily, but still, there were moments that seemed slow and, I would also go as far to say, unnecessary.


I can’t say I know what the script writers are thinking while adapting the popular manga, but for a 12-episode season, truth is that I’m thinking that the action sequences and breathtaking twists of season one are currently missing. Either way, it’s too soon to tell anything about the overall outcome of the series, but with a lukewarm start like this one, I guess things can only go upwards.

What do you think about episode one? Did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments section below. Episode two is already out and I’ll make sure I review it later this week before the release of episode three. Until then, have fun and watch as many anime series as possible.