“Attack on Titan Season 2” Episode 3 Review: Searching for the Breach

After many years of speculation, “Attack on Titan” second season is airing right now and with every passing week, we get a new episode that further allows us to explore its bleak and gory world. Being one of the most interesting anime shows of the season, and one certainly worthy of reviewing each and every episode, I’ll continue with my analysis of the episodes as we continue to get deeper into this year’s plot.

So, like the past weeks, let me warn you for the existence of major spoilers for episode 3 of the second season or episode 28 of the overall series, “Southwestward”.

Let’s start with the usual recap of the episode.

This episode starts at the exact same spot the last episode left us. Conny and the rest members of the Scout Regiment have arrived at his village only to find out that is mostly destroyed. No humans have remained except a disfigured female Titan that is unable to stand on her own feet even though she is still alive. Conny, at first, is afraid of the worst, but soon, one of the members of his team tries to comfort him by telling him that there are no dead bodies or blood anywhere around them, so chances are that the villagers escaped.

The rest of the team continues along the Wall, searching for the breach since it’s their duty to report its exact location. Conny hesitates for a moment as the female Titan welcomes him home, a nod to last episode’s ending scene. Reiner, his friend, finally comes to his side and urges him to follow them since it’s still his duty as a soldier to help humanity by finding the breach to Wall Rose.

At the same time, we are treated to a short conversation between Ymir and Christa where the latter wonders why the former concerns herself so much about her. Ymir reassures her friend that her concerns have nothing to do with her and that she is acting on her own accord. Later that day, we see the two teams finally meeting up with each other late in the night only to report that there has been no breach on Wall Rose.

With no light, however, they are in dire danger since they have no idea where the Titans are at the moment, even though the lack of sunlight renders them useless. The two teams still can’t believe that there has been no breach on the wall and decide to camp at Utgard Castle for the night and continue their search the next morning. At the same time, within Wall Sina, Hange reveals her findings back in Stohess. She has noticed that the material of the Female Titan’s crystallization is the same as the material that the wall is made of.

Even though that is a concerning fact in itself, it also offers some sort of hope to them. After the discovery of Eren’s unusual ability to be able to become a Titan at will, that means that chances are he can use the same hardening ability to close the hole at Wall Maria. Eren agrees and promises to make it happen even if that costs him his life. After they arrive deeper in Wall Sina and they witness the endless flow of people that have to abandon their whole lives over a breach on the wall, Levi tries to make Pastor Nick understand the necessity of him sharing the secrets of the walls with them.

The man, however, can’t say a thing about the secret itself but reveals the identity of one girl that can. Now it’s their mission to find that girl and make her talk.

The episode ends with the two teams back in Utgard Castle trying to rest for the night. Unlike before, the moon is out now and they are able to scout their surroundings. It’s then, however, that they see Titans rushing to the castle, something that was considered impossible since it’s night.

This is the end of the recap then. Now, let’s move ahead to the review.

This being the 3rd episode of a season that will span over 12 episodes means that the series has a serious pacing problem. After three weeks deep in the season, we are just now getting more action and plot development. We are still in the process of establishing the background story of several secondary characters while at the same time trying to find out more about the plot. I know that is still too early in the story to find out more about the Beast Titan and the secret of the walls, but it seems like the show is taking its time to get to the good parts and I think I’m starting to lose my patience.

I mean, it’s all good and well to add snippets of character development here and there while still being able to further the plot, but it’s utterly confusing to get three episodes of the same format in what seems like a slow second season. Nevertheless, the action scenes still are intense and gory and the plot twists remain as the show’s strong suit. What I would love to see more from this season, however, is the high-stakes, stressful battles of the original show.

Let’s hope that the rest of the episodes recapture the unique style of season one. What do you think about episode 3? Did you like it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments section below. Until the next time, happy anime watching.

Waiting for episode 4 to air 🙂